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Anduma a Piemonte! Let’s go to Piemonte!

Labor of Love Piemonte Tour

Dear Sojourners, 


After more months than I’d like to remember, the world is opening back up. I’ve spent the last 23 months writing my second book—and first novel—set in the beautiful, mysterious region of Alta Langa. Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love & War released in November 2021. So now I’m ready to travel! 

Piemonte is the enchanting region of northwest Italy that was once undiscovered, but now one of the most popular destinations for lovers of gastronomy, art, and culture.  

The Alps cradle Piemonte, Italy’s second largest region after Sicily, and dominate its diverse landscape of valleys, vineyard-carpeted rolling hills, and fertile flatland nourished by the Po River. 

The region is home to myriad agricultural bounties — wine, rice, cheese, meat, hazelnuts, and the world-famous tartufi bianchi, white truffles. It is rich not only in gastronomic and vinous pleasures, but in history, culture, and architecture. Despite its capital, Turin, hosting the winter sports world in the 2006 Olympics, its notoriety as a premier wine region, and growing popularity among wine tourists, Piemonte remains an under-discovered part of Italy. 

Oenophiles from Switzerland and Germany began to uncover the treasures of Piemonte in the waning decades of the 20th century. I was among that first wave of wine adventurers from Switzerland, making my first of nearly 40 visits to Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato areas of Piemonte with my Sicilian-American mom in November 1999.  

The Piemontese wine families refer to me as one of the early expat Piemonte Pioneers. 

On June 2, 2016, I launched my book Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte at Ca’ del Baio in Treiso, one of the picturesque villages of the Barbaresco denomination. The launch of Labor of Love was not the end of my Piemonte adventures, but the beginning of a whole new chapter in my relationship with the region and its wine families. Angel of Alta Langa is the historical fictional account of the traumatic lives of these fabulous people between 1918 and 1946. 

Labor of Love has enabled both oenophiles and lovers of Italy’s rich culture to connect with 22 of the region’s wine families and now serves as a roadmap for exploring this under-discovered region with me. 

So join me for a highly personalized, intimate exploration of this enchanting land. 

My tours to Piemonte sell out fast, so to join in this bucket list worthy adventure, email me using the form below for more information on available dates.

Why should I travel with Under Discovered Publishing?

• You want a highly personalized culinary, wine, and cultural experience with expert guides in a small group.

• You want to escape crowded cities and explore under-discovered regions of Italy You want to visit family-owned wineries and meet the wine producers themselves – not tasting room employees who have no long-term connection with the wine families.

• You long for the opportunity to personally experience the passion and dedication the wine families have for their labor of love.

• You want to settle into a comfortable, charming locanda where you will remain for the duration of the
sojourn rather than move from hotel-to-hotel.

• You want to dine at quaint trattorie and Michelin star restaurants to experience the broad range of culinary delights Piemonte has to offer.

You don’t want to have to worry about hidden costs or having to organize meals and transportation.

• You simply want to immerse yourself in a Piemontese experience without worrying about the hassles of travel.

• You want to travel with and learn from a licensed certified wine educator and wine scholar with years of experience traveling with groups to wine regions in America and Europe.

• You want to travel with an award-winning author of books about the region and who has over 20 years of experience in Piemonte and close ties with the wine families you will visit.

• You love Italy and want to explore her under-discovered treasures.

What Labor of Love tour guests are saying:

“This trip was an experience that no other person can provide. Suzanne’s personal relationships with the vintners and
restaurants in Piemonte cannot be duplicated. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
– Carole W. (April 2017)

“This is not a ‘tour.’ It is an exceptional experience. Being welcomed by the winemakers, the chefs and the restaurateurs as
friends of Suzanne’s and not as a ‘tour group’ made all the difference.”
– Linda M. (April 2017)

“We have been to Europe many, many times and this trip was one of the best experiences we have had. The tour was
exceptionally well-organized and all of the winemakers that we visited were personal friends of Suzanne’s, so consequently
we were welcomed like family. The winery owners gave us very personal tours and in many cases they join us for lunch or
dinner. I would recommend this trip to anyone that wants an up-close personal experience in Italy.”
– Karin and Dean J. (April 2017)

“If you are looking for an under discovered area of Italy, this a trip for you. Great food, great wine, and a wonderful guide
who makes each day a new adventure. If you are looking not to be a tourist in Italy, sign up for this trip.
– Jane K. (November 2017)

“Suzanne planned and presented an amazing trip. She has spent so much of her time in this region while learning as much
as she could. In talking to her, reading her book “The Labor of Love”, and meeting the families in her book, she brings this
trip to a whole new level. It is truly an experience that is a must! I need to mention the meals we had with these wines,
more than delicious. Thank you, Suzanne!”
– Talei B. (November 2017 and May 2018)

“Suzanne’s excellently organized tour was superb in every respect. Starting with our host facility at Marchesi Alfieri, we
were welcomed into many of the wine families that are featured in Suzanne’s book. Her personal connection with these
families made our winery visits not only informative, but also made us feel personally welcomed by our hosts; not only into
their wineries but into their families. Every day presented us with a rich banquet of new experiences, wonderful food and
excellent wine. It was quite simply one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had.”
– Joseph B. (May 2018)

“Seeing Piemonte with Suzanne as our guide was a joy and a privilege. Not only did we get to savor the wines of some of the
best wine producers in the region, but we were treated as if we were old friends. I love that we had the opportunity to talk to
the winemakers over meals and really get to know them. Your extensive knowledge of the area took us to charming little
restaurants off the beaten path where we were able to enjoy the unique local cuisine. All of this was made possible by the
decades Suzanne has spent in Piemonte acquainting herself with the area, the history and the people. It was an
unforgettable trip!”
– Claudia K. (November 2018)

“The trip was truly memorable in every way. We met vintners and local food artisans in intimate gatherings are were
treated like family by all. Our knowledge and appreciation of this wine and culinary region was markedly enhanced by the
Labor of Love tour. I recommend this highly to anyone wishing a truly immersive experience.”
– Elizabeth K. (May 2019)

“Was this trip worth it? We’re going again next year!”
– Jim S. (June 2019)

“I have been on several tours before, Tuscany and Southern Italy, and this was the best I have experienced. The depth of
the winery visits was amazing along with meeting the owners and winemakers. Being with the author of the book “Labor of
Love” really added to the wonderful experience. This is way beyond the simple wine tastings at most wineries.”
– Peter L. (June 2019)

“This was the best trip of my life, hands down. I came away with new friends and amazing memories. I’ll absolutely go again.”
– Kelly S. (November 2021)

During the pandemic, we wanted  to go somewhere that felt like home… we went back to Piemonte with Suzanne and loved every minute!
– Karen H. (April 2017 and November 2021)

“The personal relationships between Suzanne and the winemakers creates a one-of-a-kind experience, and her care for us, the tourists, was exceptional.  This was a unique opportunity to see the art, craftsmanship, and passion of the winemakers in a region blessed with great food and culture.  In a world where Tuscany receives so much attention, this tour shows why Piemonte wines and cuisine deserves so much respect.”
– Rolen Y. (June 2022)


Anduma a Piemonte! Let’s go to Piemonte!

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