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Many moons ago I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although I now call the Colorado Rockies home, I grew up in Thibodaux, in the heart of Louisiana bayou country where I spent my childhood on horseback, dreaming of distant shores.
     I realized those dreams and, for over two decades, lived and worked in Switzerland.  From our home in Valais, my husband, Dani, and I explored the wine-growing regions of Italy and France with our miniature schnauzer, Otis. With my mom and Otis, I discovered Piemonte in November 1999. I soon became immersed in the enchanting region’s rich culture and history.
     Although I hold an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane
University and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law, it’s in the chapter of my life that began in 2012 when I began to write that I have found the most gratification in my work.
     In 2016, I published my first book, Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte, an award-winning book that is a unique, groundbreaking collection of the life stories of Giulia Colbert Falletti, the last Marchesa of Barolo, and generations of twenty-two families of Piemonte’s Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato wine-producing areas. Over the last two decades, in the company of the wine families and against a rich historical backdrop, I have studied the seismic cultural and business changes in the Piemontese wine industry that allowed women to step from the shadows and assume significant roles in their families’ wine estates.
     Although devastating, the viral tsunami that washed over the world in early 2020
provided me with the opportunity to pen my debut novel, Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love and War, that I released in November 2021. It is in this novel where one can find my soul.
     When I am not at home in the Rockies, I can be found exploring the Alps and the
vineyards and wineries of Piemonte and Sicily where I find inspiration for my writing. Currently, I am exploring more the land of my ancestors—Contessa Entellina, Sicily—and researching its 19 th century history as I begin work on one of the two prequels to my Angel.
     I am a lover of horses, nature, and beauty in all its forms, and I delight in freeing my spirit on the slopes of Beaver Creek, Colorado in winter and hiking trails in summer.


“‘Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte’ is one of the most important existing documents related to our area of Langa”

– Alberto di Grésy, Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy (Barbaresco)

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